Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whine, whine...wine?

We had our family team meeting for Monkey today. It was enlightening and heartbreaking and did not end well. We left before the end because we had to pick up SuperD at preschool. Our social worker chose the moment we were leaving to announce to Monkey’s family that hubby and I are interested in adopting Monkey. Which made mom cry and prompted me to immediately get up, put my arm around mom and remind her that we were interested IF the case went that way, which is still a big if at this point, and that our job was first to support her and her family. I have busted my tail to develop a strong relationship with this mama, and social worker thought that telling her Monkey might stay with us would be comforting to her. It was the wrong thing to say at that moment.

We have a family visit tomorrow. I always take Monkey and get there early to help transition her over to mom because it takes her a while to warm up. I’m going to try to smooth things over with mom by speaking straight from my heart. Hubby and I WANT to tell her that she should fight tooth and nail, do everything possible, to keep from losing her kids, that we don't want to take her baby from her and that we think she can do what it takes to get them back.
I'm going to be much more PC and diplomatic than that, but that's what I'll be thinking.

In other fun meeting news, mom announced to the room that she thinks Monkey is spoiled and that she is very concerned about Monkey crying through each and every visit. Trying not to get defensive. I get to love her baby every day and that isn’t easy for her. Hubby said it felt like she was just grasping at straws at that point, but it felt like a direct attack on me.

Also, hubby and I have both had a stomach bug for the last 72 hours. I'm over this week and it's only Tuesday. We still have an Early Intervention assessment AND SuperD's goal change court date before the weekend. And I'm out of wine.

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