Thursday, April 25, 2013

Heart to heart

So, I addressed the adoption comment with mom and dad after yesterday’s family visit. I was SUPER nervous about it and tried really hard to speak from my heart. Turns out, the conversation went great! I actually think if this case goes to adoption and there are no kinship options, they might even support us adopting her. I let them know that I can see during every visit how much they love their kids, how they try hard to engage them and play with them during visits and that as a foster parent, I appreciate how respectful they are to me.

I made sure they know that when I spoke with caseworker about an adoption option, I also talked to her about other ways to support Monkey were she to leave our home, such as offering to babysit, providing respite, etc. And I told them just because I asked about it does not mean that I hope the case goes to adoption. Obviously I can’t share details, but this case is weird. I’m not at all sure the tpr/adoption goal will be approved. I don’t know the whole story, but something just feels off to me about how and why the kids were removed and how services have proceeded since then.

After we were done talking, I told them that I was nervous all day and that I expected them to be pretty upset with hubby and me. I also encouraged them to keep fighting for their kids. I don't know if that was appropriate, but I can't take it back now. I guess we’ll find out next month at court what is going to happen, but I am SO relieved that I cleared the air with mom and dad.

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