Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preparing for court. Again.

Today we go to court to find out of Monkey’s parents’ rights are going to be terminated. I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so anxious. I kept envisioning getting to court and being told that Monkey is being transitioned today. Right this minute. Go home and get her. I have no idea why I’m feeling this way. I’ve never had this kind of anxiety about a placement before. Nothing has happened to indicate that an appropriate kinship placement has even been identified, letalone approved. The court documents actually identify us as a prospective adoptive family. Still, I feel like the other shoe is going to drop and we’re going to have to say goodbye to this little one.

Maybe it is partly because her social worker is the least communicative one we’ve had? All of our other workers have made a point to visit the kids a day or two before court and give us an idea of what’s going to happen. I like this worker. She’s good at her job and she loves the kids, but she is by far the least interested in giving us information about what is happening in a case. Which is her right. But, jeez, I just want to know what’s happening with my baby!

I also think it's because I'm anticipating how hard this is going to be for Monkey's mama. I'm . dreading sitting in the courtroom when/if the judge approves termination. I'm sure there are some parents, somewhere, who deserve for that to happen. But this mama isn't one of them and I hate that she's going through this.

In other news, Monkey had her early intervention assessment yesterday. She (barely) qualified for services in speech therapy (at 8 months old!) to address the feeding issues we've been having. For a chunk-a-monk baby, the girl hates to eat! I'm hoping we'll see some progress there. And the physical therapists and caseworkers kept pointing out ways in which she is clearly attached to me, which was nice to hear. :)

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