Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day recap

So, SuperD was very, very disregulated all last week. Lots of acting out, running away, overstimulation, on and on and on. Yesterday, hubby and I met with SuperD’s therapist to talk about next steps, and she felt that Mother’s Day could have been the reason for the extra behavioral challenges. I had already thought of that for the particular level of obnoxious he was on Sunday. We didn’t introduce the idea of Mother’s Day to him until Saturday night, so I wasn’t sure it explained the rest of the week. We don’t have cable and he only watches Netflix, so he didn’t see anything about it on TV. As far as I know, they didn’t do any activities in his HeadStart preschool around the holiday, so all I can think of is that maybe his teachers and the other kids talked about it? I’m not sure. Or maybe he was just having an off week. Regardless, we weathered it and am hoping for a better week this week.

Before he became a little terror on Sunday, SuperD was super cute about Mother’s Day. Hubby got up with the kids and took them out to get me flowers, a balloon, notepads (he ALWAYS steals my grocery list notepad, so he got me about 20 to make sure I always have one!) and breakfast tacos. He also got me a new tea kettle as my old one melted a few weeks ago. Then SuperD his everything in different spots around the house before letting me come out of the bedroom to be surprised. SuperD then brought me each gift from its hiding place and opened them for me. It was adorable.

As an added bonus, A&N’s grandmother called and had the girls tell me happy mother’s day, which was so beyond sweet. And then yesterday I got a card in the mail from them with new photos and outlines of their hands. I am so, so blessed to have such a great relationship with that family. I know they’ll always be in our lives. Last year, we didn’t really acknowledge mother’s day because we knew A&N were leaving and it just didn’t feel right, so this was the first time I’ve ever been celebrated as a mom. I know it’s a made up, Hallmark holiday but it still felt pretty good to be acknowledged.

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