Monday, May 20, 2013


We’re gearing up for some big milestones around here.

Monkey is inching her way closer to sleeping through the night. Last night she only woke up once. She’s also soooo close to crawling. She does that rocking on her knees things all the time now and gets so frustrated when she can’t figure out what to do next. She babbles all time time, laughs and giggles, smiles constantly. Her little face lights up my world every day.

This week, we go to court to determine if the judge will approve TPR for her mom. As far as I know, her biological father has not been identified. I have no clue what the TPR process looks like for an absent or unidentified parent. Need to ask cw about this this week.

SuperD is about to finish his first year of preschool. This is huge for our very anxious, routine-driven 4 yo. I’m not sure what this summer will look like. I need to get him registered for a few summer camps, mostly for my sanity. But he’ll be home with me most of the time. It should be fine. But he’s a lot to handle, so I’m a little nervous about it.

As I’ve said, TPR has started on his mom. We go back to court in July to find out if the judge will approve TPR for his dad. Since I know they’ll both appeal, we’ll have at least one more court date before TPR actually occurs. I’m thinking the soonest that would happen is September or October? I know there’s no point in trying to figure out timelines in foster care. The systems is going to operate on foster care time, which is guaranteed to be slow and inconvenient.

Some of our upcoming milestones are fun, but I’m pretty nervous about others. I usually handle change well, but I HATE uncertainty and not knowing what’s coming.  

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  1. I feel ya! Our foster son's review in July should be a goal change to adoption....then what? ...a trial?...posting in the paper for the unknown father?...will biomom sign? So many questions & possible scenarios. Best of luck!