Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home again

Just got back from a much needed min-vacation with my mom. Hubby manned the troops at home and made it look easy. While taking care of the kids alone, he dug up and replaced the mulch in the backyard, set up my new hammock (!) and begin to build a tree fort for SuperD. I am so lucky to him! Now it’s my turn, as he’s off on a last minute business trip for the next three days.

For the record, SuperD was an angel while I was going. No arguing, minimal impulsive behavior. Hubby said SuperD’s anxious chatter was at a minimum and he was able to entertain himself for long periods of time. The minute I got home, it was disregulated city around here. The long, sweet hug I got from my little boy when I got makes it all worth it, though.

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