Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transportation confusion

This is the first time EVER that I haven’t taken Monkey to her family visit (because of work). Visitation worker was supposed to pick her up at daycare, supervise visit, return to daycare. Our daycare provider told me the worker was over an hour late picking Monkey up, which means the visit was delayed. As I was leaving work, visitation worker called me and told me that since the visit was late, I could just come pick Monkey up but then I’d have to go back to the daycare to get the stroller because she didn’t take it with her. Um….

I asserted myself and told her that she was welcome to deliver Monkey to my house and I’d stop by and pick up the stroller on my way home, after I got SuperD from school. She was gracious about it, but I still feel guilty. I’m so used to bending over backwards and doing whatever is asked of me for foster care that for me to say no is a pretty big deal. I don’t think it’s actually a big deal to anyone else, but I still feel like I need to apologize for not dropping everything and going to pick up Monkey.

Reading over that, I feel I should add that the main reason I didn’t want to pick her up was because it is SO confusing to SuperD to have to go to Monkey’s visits, and I think it is unfair to put him through that if I don’t have to. Also, I admit, I really wanted a teeny bio parent break now that we’re calling/texting on non-visit weeks. I also really like this visitation worker so I will likely go out of my way to transport Monkey in the future whenever possible.

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