Friday, June 28, 2013

Easy days

The last couple of weeks have been great with SuperD. The kid is developing a seriously funny sense of humor. Today I asked him to put shoes on so we could go run an errand. I told him he could wear whatever shoes he wanted ( he has tennis, sandals and Crocs). I went to get the baby ready. When I came back, D told me he was ready, all straight faced, while wearing hubby’s sandals. I cracked up! It probably doesn’t read as funny as it was, but for a kid who was too anxious to assert himself in any way a few months ago, this was awesome!

Monkey has also been so cute I could eat her up. She’s so chatty and snuggly and just precious. I’m loving this season in our family. What I don’t love is my near-constant feeling that the other shoe is going to drop. I SO wish this was our forever family. It’s all so sweet and happy right now. I hate knowing that in three weeks, or three months, everything could (and probably will) change. For now I just try to really embrace and enjoy every day. I’m determined that we are going to have FUN this summer!

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