Thursday, August 1, 2013

Heart to heart

I had a good conversation with Monkey’s mom today. I told her we’d be adopting SuperD. She told me she thinks we’re wonderful parents, which was nice to hear. I also told her that we spoke to Monkey’s caseworker about possibly taking in Monkey’s big sister IF their case goes to adoption. That was hard to say to her, but I wanted her to hear it from me. I emphasized that in my heart, I believe she will be getting her children back (which is totally true), and that I want her to get her kids back (which is kinda true). However, if for whatever reason that doesn’t happen, we would be a resource for another one of her children. She cried. I got teary. As always with her, I was left with the feeling that our conversation was good and the right thing for me to do. Also as always, I was emotionally drained.

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