Thursday, August 22, 2013


We had a rough day at court yesterday. Monkey’s case is going in an unexpected direction and I’m mentally preparing for an outcome that is going to break my heart. It’s hard and it feels like the case is moving backwards due entirely to attorney who are choosing not to do their jobs. I had convinced myself that after the heartbreak of saying goodbye to A & N, I had better protected myself this time. Or at least I was more prepared. Ha! I’ve been totally fooling myself. At least I know hubby and I can get through anything, but it certainly won’t be any easier the second time around.

Things with SuperD are going okay. We'd started having conversations about calling us mommy and daddy, and that totally disregulated him so we're backing off of that. I also found out we have to get a psych eval done for the adoption paperwork. I'm very much looking forward to completing that and getting the results.

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