Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love note

Monkey is at hubby’s favorite age. She’ll be one in a few days. She tries to mimic words, She talks all. the.time. She mimics actions, too. If I point at her, she puts her finger out and touches mine. If I put my hands on my head, she does too and then laughs and laughs. Seeing her smiling face is my absolute favorite part about waking up every day. This morning she’d taken her pants off! She’s always standing in the corner of her crib, chewing on the side rail (covered in a rubber teething protector).

Monkey has made huge strides in the eating department. We’ve learned that this baby LOVES chicken, applesauce, beans and black olives. She will take a whole handful of olives and cram them into her mouth. When she’s done eating, though, she lets us know by deliberately looking at us, picking up her food and delicately dropping it on the floor. She’s not taking a sippy cup, but I admit I’ve been slow to introduce it. She’s likely the last foster care placement we’ll take (unless we get a miracle call for an adoptable baby who needs a home in the next six month) and I’m savoring the sweet moments of feeding her. It’s time, though, and I’m going to be more deliberate about giving it to her every day. She'll figure it out in her own time.

I know this post is kind of disorganized and there is no real point. It’s just a love note for my sweet girl.

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