Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slow and steady

Hubby is returning home from a 10 day business trip today. We were both dreading SuperD’s reaction to him being gone, but I have been totally blown away by how great my boy is doing! Six or eight months ago, I would have been tearing my hair out by this time. At times over the last 11 months, SuperD’s progress has crawled so slowly that it felt like no movement. There have been backslides. But when I look at the overall picture, I see obvious forward momentum that I sometimes don’t see day-to-day.

The only thing I’ve really noticed since hubby left is LOTS of talk about his biological dad, including telling stories of things they did together that I know he’s confusing with thing hubby did with him. That breaks my heart. I so wish his story was that he was born to an intact* family (us!) with, had a normal infancy and a happy childhood. We have a very important court date tomorrow that could go a long way toward making that happy, stable childhood a reality for SuperD. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

*By which I mean, a family who was able to love and appropriately take care of him, not necessarily a heterosexual, two-parent family.

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