Tuesday, September 17, 2013


There’s been a lot of talk lately about “re-homing” adopted children thanks to a series of Reuters articles. I’m not going to comment on them, except to say that I firmly believe a lack of resources plays a huge role in the struggles of both adoptive and typical families dealing with mentally ill children. In our area, for instance, it is so difficult to find a bed for a mentally ill child in a residential facility that they might sit in a hospital emergency department for 3 days before something opens up. That may not sound like a huge amount of time, but that’s 3 days a parent is away from work, from their other children, trying to occupy or keeping sedated an angry, struggling child in a small space with no therapeutic intervention. It’s a lot.

I’ve been investigating local resources for my own struggling kid recently. Our area actually does okay in the resource department if we’re not talking about severe mental illness. I have at my disposal an excellent children’s hospital with a developmental pediatrician and a psychiatrist. We are already part of a good therapy group with its own psychologist. I’ve just been told (I’ve been putting this off for a long time) that I have to have SuperD evaluated as a therapeutic placement, which will lead to an enhanced monthly stipend, which will provide us with more funds for services for him. I’m looking into some groundbreaking, non-diagnostic intervention that may actually take us out of state for assessment and treatment planning.

I can do these things because I live somewhere with resources. Because I work with an agency that provides full disclosure about a child’s previous issues and full support to get the help we needs. Because hubby and I have flexible jobs that allow us the time we need to take care of our kid. And because I only have SuperD and Monkey, the world’s easiest baby, to worry about. I am fortunate and SuperD is fortunate to have these resources at our disposal. With all the talking and judging of adoptive homes that I’ve seen in the last few weeks, I’m feeling particularly blessed that we will have access to the help we need to ensure SuperD gets the treatment he needs to heal and thrive.

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