Saturday, September 14, 2013

Behavior management

We’re doing some serious behavior training up in here this weekend. SuperD has continued to lose his mind at school. His poor teacher sent a note home on Friday basically pleading for help, saying she’d tried everything she could think of to control him. Now, I do think there could be better classroom management in place, but my heart goes out to her. It often takes both hubby and I to manage SuperD at home, so trying to corral him in a classroom full of 4 year olds can’t be an easy feat.

On top of that, Monkey has decided she is not a fan of sleeping any longer. She let us know this between 12-4 am last night (this morning?) by howling and throwing decidedly toddler-like tantrums every time she was put in her crib. This weekend is all about reintroducing the 1-year-old to sleep and teaching the 4-year-old some self-control. We’re literally taking it in 15 minute increments and setting a timer, which is making today go by painfully slowly and yet all too quickly, as we’re also trying to complete some house projects.

I hope your weekend is more fun than ours!

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